Environmental Policy

We continually work to reduce our environmental impact in both our bindery and print departments

Blissetts environmental policy is posted on the notice board and this policy is understood by all members of staff for its content and more importantly for what it stands for. This makes up part of our induction process with new members of staff. Every newsletter sent to staff has a section about the environment and what the latest news and initiatives are.

The company employs specialist sub-contractors for waste. Regency Waste Paper Company will deal with 100% of our paper and board waste whilst Grundon Waste Management will deal with all other waste. Grundon are certificated under Government legislation for general waste purpose. For all waste that is recyclable, staff are made aware at the induction stage of their employment how the coded bins are used for paper, card, plastic and board, all of which is recycled by our specialist suppliers.


Purchases of paper and board and packaging materials are always made from FSC or PEFC certified suppliers. Leather and related products are only sourced from suppliers who can demonstrate they work closely with their suppliers on good animal welfare and have standards in place for the toxic chemicals used in the tanning process. Other suppliers used are monitored where we consider there may be an impact on the environment and sustainability.

The main areas of concern and for which we have direct responsibilities are;
• Reduction of wastage of all materials within the bindery and digital print department
• Light, heat, power & water
• The disposal of bindery wastage from the bindery and print department
• The cleaning of machinery and disposal of oils and lubricants
• Health & safety.
• Outside cleanliness


The company is concerned that all materials used in the binding and printing processes are not wasted. Stock is ordered as required and a strict eye will be maintained on the cutting up of this stock in line with the cutting patterns. Not only will this reduce wastage, but it will help the company reduce costs.
QUALITY: Keep an eye on the quality of work going through each process as corrections will lead to waste reduction eg. Reworking.

Light, heat, power & water. At all times, all staff should be aware of what can be turned off to help conserve the environment. All members of staff are responsible for their own areas both during the day and at closedown in the evenings.

• All light, heat and power should be turned off unless they know a nightshift will be running.
• Water taps should not be left running
• Where possible all machines and computers must be turned off when not being used and
at the end of the day


During the binding process, waste is removed from books.
Some of this waste is recyclable and should be placed only in those bins marked “Recycle waste” NOTE different bins for different waste.
Other waste, especially plastic waste should be placed in bins marked “Rubbish”


• All paper is purchased from FSC or PEFC certified suppliers.
• Paper waste is separated from general waste
• Plastic containers and toner waste should be put in Grundon bins


Even though our glues are water based, any liquid waste should be disposed of in the white drums provided. These substances are never recycled through the bindery and our waste services company, Grundon, are contracted to dispose of this as per legal requirements.


Water should not be wasted. e.g taps left running. Our main use of water is in the toilets and when cleaning hands and tools. Members of staff should be aware of all water savings which could be made.


The company has strict guidelines for health & safety and any environmental aspects, which come under this heading of the Environment, are very important. The company encourages all members of staff to take responsibility for their actions and understand how they can make a difference. Failure to attend to your responsibilities here may be considered gross misconduct and could mean instant dismissal from the company.


The company cleaner has the responsibility for all inside and outside tidiness.
All members of staff are encouraged to see Gary Blissett with any improvements they can see for increasing and promoting environmental friendliness.

The company takes the view that all the above are clear environmental issues and failure to help the company in these issues will result in disciplinary action.


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