Thesis - Binding Only

If you have already printed your work then you can bring this to us and arrange for your work to be bound with a member of our staff. Alternatively some people may prefer to print & bind their work with us directly rather than submitting online - this is possible but please note these prices are slightly higher than the online print / bind prices.

Our services & shop prices are as follows:

Shop Binding Prices



     2 Hour

     (+1hr for print)


      4 Hour

     (+1hr for print)


     6 Hour

     (+1hr for print)


     24 Hour


     48 Hour


     5 Day


       Hard Cover














       Soft Cover














       Wiro Bound 














*Please note that lettering on the spine is included in these prices. Lettering on the front cover is an additional cost as specified below. (prices online include lettering on the spine & front cover) 


Shop Printing Prices


     Black & white -  A4      


     6p per page


            Colour - A4


     40p per page     


*Please enquire for prices on other sizes.


Shop Extra Charges


      Front Cover Lettering      


     £5.75 for the first 5 lines / £1.85 per line thereafter     


      Self Adhesive Plastic Corner Pocket


     £1.75 each


      Self Adhesive Plastic CD / DVD pocket        


     £1.20 each


      Courier Delivery




      Our Van Delivery


     £15.00 / free delivery to UCL Chadwick Student centre (for UCL PHD students only)     


 Additional terms & conditions that relate to shop submissions:

-   We allow 5-10 minutes to deal with each order submitted, we expect PDF files & specifications to be prepared before visiting our shop. We will extend this time and help where we can but reserve the right to charge £6.75 per quarter hour where the staff member deems necessary.

-   There is no charge for paying via cash or debit card but we will add 2.5% to the total for payments via credit card.

-   Shop prices are higher than those through The time involved in manually processing the orders & their journey through our bindery is less automated - this means higher costs.

-   5% discount can be applied to 4 or more identical copies. If the volume is significantly higher then a higher discount may be offered.

-   In partciluarly busy periods we reserve the right to impose restrictions on our faster services (2 / 4 / 6 hour)

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