The Queen's Bindery Apprenticeship to preserve the skills of hand bookbinding

14 Jul 2016

Blissett's are proud to announce we are a partner to the Queen's Bindery Apprenticeship, launched this week (Monday the 11th July).

The hand bookbinding trade will be preserved in the UK through this unique new training initiative, due to begin in begin in Autumn 2016, the only bindery apprenticeship available in the UK. City & Guilds qualifications will be received upon completion of the five-year training programme.  up to six apprentices will gain unparalleled experience working in the Royal Bindery at Windsor, acquiring a broad range of bookbinding skills, including fine leather binding, edge-gilding and gold finishing, which may otherwise be lost for ever.  

Blissett's will be a Skills & Industry Partner to the scheme, employing and training the apprentices, and contributing to costs.

Oliver Urquhart Irvine, The Librarian & Assistant Keeper of The Queen's Archives, said: "There is no substitute for learning a craft in a professional workshop.  The Queen's Bindery Apprenticeship will ensure that the finest standards of craftsmanship of this valuable trade are passed on to future generations."

More information & an application for the scheme can be found at the Royal Collection Trust website :


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