The Miracle World of Embossing and Stamping

22 Jan 2018

Wondering how we do the embossing and stamping? How we navigate through the world of textures and finishings?

Fergus has worked in the Book binding industry for his whole life and he’s pleased to explain to us what he does in the blocking space; yes, the place where these wonderful finishings happen is called blocking area.

A good starting point to understand this awesome process is with Fergus introducing us each of the machines that make it possible.

Here is Fergus presenting us the blocking machine called PB&E, used for large and small works of longer runs (yes we do single books to runs of 100’s!). This beauty is semi automatic and Fergus shows us an example of work done by this. It’s one of the best machines to work with the spines and front boards of your books and depending on the foil and material depends on the setting for dwell time, pressure and heat of the machine. NOT magic but lot’s of experience!

Now, you’ll be introduced to the Ludlow machine, but before shaking hands, you have to know its companions the typefaces and font sizes. Blissetts has a vast assorted of fonts and we pick manually up the letterforms to compose the words you’d like to be stamped. In this case, Fergus got my name, how nice!


Once my name is nicely set up, it’s when Ludlow machine comes to action. You add the word in the machine and voilà, you have your block done!

The process is simple but costly. Once you use a block, you can melt back the material to create a new one. You can use that material twice though so that’s the reason why it’s such a chic and exclusive finishing.

Ok, it’s time to change positions facing this admirable PräGnant machine. This blocking machine allows us to put the artwork into foil. I have had to choose what foil colour I wanted, difficult decision by the way but I got the gold in the end. Why? Well, luxury finishing for extravagant team.

Now, you can appreciate the experts Fergus’ hands stamping my name into this burgundy cover. Stunning. 

And the last, but not least, machine to be introduced, is this heavy peer. Its name is John T.Marshall machine. It’s impressive, isn’t it?

German born, this futuristic style machine permits us work with prepared artistic blocks as you can observe in the picture below. Also, same than PB&E and PräGnant, you can stamp in the spines of your open books or albums.

and like this, is how we achieve to be at the zenith of this superb industry.

Say hello to our friendly specialists. They’ve worked with us for more than 20 years and they are as enthusiastic as the first day. On the left is George, our star in packing & transport, and on the right you’ll see Fergus, the embossing artist par excellence. 

Thanks you so much for opening the doors of your magic world to us.


-Be tuned

Next issue after this “21st century gold blocking = Systems 3 A1 trimmer



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