Blissetts at your service: happy customers

21 Aug 2019

Here's some wonderful compliments from some wonderful customers!

We look forward to working with Michael, Toni and Nicole again soon 

"Dear Gary,
This is a quick email. I collected my dictionary from your premises last Friday. The repair is superb and could you on my behalf please commend your bookbinder for the excellent job. - Michael Brill"


"Hi Alan,
had delivery of books and I have to say it looks Fantastic! 
Colours and finish are spot on, all the mums are going to be blown away.

A big thank you to your team.

Toni Ramsell"


Dearest Alan,

I just wanted to give my positive feedback to Blissetts and your team, for doing such an incredible job printing my book Soul in Fire: Divine Reminders on the Path of Awakening. I am very happy with the quality of the book and craftsmanship. I am very grateful for the quality of the printing, and for the overall professionalism and exceptional service I experienced in having my book printed with Blissetts.

Nicole Hemmer


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